Boston Haiku Times at Figment Boston

The Boston Haiku Times is a long (15” x 120’) letterpressed horizontal scroll composed of haiku written by attendees (along with images) printed on site.
Come write haiku news, to be printed live on a long fabric scroll stretching out through the park.
Haiku Submitted to Boston Haiku Times - Figment 2018

Asterisked haiku were printed on the scroll.

Ping pong balls fly up
Making beautiful music
Soon they reach the ground

Leo, Nina, and
Papa went to the Art Fair
and made this poem

Raya Schulman
Trees sway in the wind
Flowers blossom, apples grow
all trees are pretty

Marta Gredler
12 Long Unknown miles
water and 8 measly fries
could expect no more

In Boston today
people play on lots of art
and have lots of fun

Friends and Family
Always Fun to Spend Time With
Lots of Joy and Love

Out on a Sunday
Off for a nice morning walk
Now for something new
Agatha Shortie
Together up in the sky
We’ll see you again

O, Veganism
A cleaner planet for us
A gentler heart, too

I’m on the Greenway
and enjoying the beauty
of the great green day

Our dog Agatha
Gallbladder ruptured with pus
She died peacefully

* Jeanne
Sunday at the camp
Delaney is delightful
Here’s to you my friend

Leo Schulman
My morning glories
What do the do in the evening
I wish that I knew

Vanessa Love

August 18 will
Come soon. We’ll be wed that day
Husband and wife.

What defines freedom
I do not know it for sure
maybe you can guess!

Explore the Greenway
On a warm sunny Sunday
Finding art and play

* Gordo King
Visiting from Spain
Jessica is exploring
Don’t get a sunburn

Marilyn Lamkin
Wind blowing through hair
Beans of sunshine on my face

Mother nature’s gift

Michelle Quinones
Fiona is sweet
She is my silly doggie
Fiona likes sleep

Tommy Love

Everyone standing
Here counting on their fingers
This is a haiku

Susan Andrews
A Beautiful Day
A Lifelong friendship renewed
Light outside inside

Charissa Anistrom

Sewing clothes for all
Planning meals for days to come
Happy Birthday Mom

* Damien
Today is Sunday
Tomorrow will be Monday
Yesterday is gone

Gian Sepulveda
On this day the sun
Hides its crown from us in the clouds
yet its light shines bright

Welcome to Boston
Where you can always dream of
Lots of Lobster rolls

Senior citizens
Retirement is wonderful
Dream and go for it

Before we sink too
Low - Give a little loving
To your neighbor’s cat

Tate’s Pickles
They were delicious and green
You should try them

Maheeh Sadlineine
Big Blue
Sky Is

I really like pink
Pink is my favorite shade
Pink makes me happy

Madalyn Seward

Summer Vacation
Beaches Boston New Hampshire

Art Swimming Food Fun

Hannah Crozier
I can’t think of a
Haiku to write this is so
difficult for me

Ranom Jani Smith
Moon, Owl, Little Me
Yummy Milk, Please, no sleeping
Black Ink, More Color!

Susan Paino
Blue Bikes hard to find
in Boston on the weekend
Walk on till you ride

Michael Hanau
Back from recent trip
We took many photographs
Wish you were still here

I was having fun
then I heard about your dog
it ruined my day

Mom loves Mattea
Mattea is a good girl
Dad loves Mattea

I am Cecilia
Unicorns are the best pet
I love them so much

Megan L
Colorado zoom
new mountains I will explore
Go west young lass soon

Coming on the train
City relax breezy fun
No business today

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don’t make sense

Jessica Lee Skary
Today is purple
Tomorrow will be Purple
My world is purple

Andrew Prentice
Reduce your Plastics
Once made they never degrade
Slowly strangling all

Floating on the waves
I fell into a dream state
My life is a beach

* Spencer Kornhaber
I’m not worried, but
Maybe that rash was a sign
What did I ingest

* Adam Thielker
Summer came and stayed
Nights grew shorter and shorter
New England Melted

Breastmilk is not free
If women’s time is valued
I’ve pumped 13 days

Molly Petrier
Like children, we play
Together again at last
Like no time has passed

Elle Chu
Waiting for our friend
To meet us at the greenway
Spring girls came to play

Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains.
Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains.
Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains.

Hope Marion
I will give you crabs
I will draw a crab on you
Welcome to the cult

Steve Reilly
Is this happening?
It’s certainly not my fault
I’ll still clean it up

Megan Luce
Met on a mountain
He chased me all the way down
Right into my heart

Leigh Hall
Depressive’s Lament:
Today I WILL stay awake,
go outdoors and LIVE!

Leigh Hall
Trump hears from Putin
“an incredible offer”
Grill ex-diplomat

Leigh Hall
Daily reports of
California burning
This is climate change

What am I doing?
Quite frankly, I do not know.
Oh well, I’ll wing it.

Andrew Prentice
Have you had water?
If you’re thirsty it’s too late
Victims! Heil Hydrate

* Greg Caplan
Grass soaks up sunlight
Ink smell rises into air
Printing is fun

* Chloe
I am only nine
But my imagination
Is way way older

Ellery Plesur
Adventures are great.
Anything can happen, true
once upon a time . . .

Trees sway
in the


Mark and Tricia
Beautiful Summer
With my Love for all seasons
My heart is lucky

Nicole Bowers
Clowns come for my Joy
Terror and tears become me
I want to go home

Daniel Schulman
I had a quick thought
Which slipped between the lips but
Was stuck in the ink

Guilleime Carrean
Dragons enter sleep
Is there a light switch in here
Wake up or wake up

I like penguins, yes
I love their flippers swimming
Why are they not here?

Cindy & Joyce
Feel me I’m hungry
Or I’ll eat you piece by piece
And in a slow way!

Juniper Hussey

Puppies are so cute
It would be funny if they
Played a pretty flute

Butterfly dancing
In the brilliant red lilies
green shimmers from heat

Shruthi Raghuraman
I love chocolate
Preferably in milk form
Cheers to a great drink

* Emil Durrant
Sunday at Figment
Interact react and play
Art for everyone

Hanna Bluestone
The Vaca is not
A Chewbacca who knew?
Hans Solo would you?

* Hilary Short

The instructions said
Bring water, sunscreen and hat.
I forgot the hat!

John Palmer
Put the pot to boil
Al dente in eight minutes
Seconds? It’s so good

Jeremy Tchin
Irrational boy
Adventures along with
Best friend, nonsense, yes

Seagulls are above
Dog poop is in front of me
It’s a beautiful day

* Dave Jonczak
Tongue of dog hangs low
Rays of sunlight magnify
Walk upon green grass

July 29
The Rose Kennedy Greenway
Figment Boston Mass

Happy to be me
on Sunny day at the Park
With dear friends and you!

Hope and Taylor

It’s hot in Boston
A breeze flowing thru the trees
Longing for ice tea  

Emili Durrant
An "A" left behind
Recovered and kept for weeks
Now returned to you