Letterpress Printmaking

Letterpress printing reconnects us to our centuries-old traditions of creating hand-built documents. Lettrpress printing has an impact and gravitas that a digital print does not. I run my own press, mitchelka Show Card Press, and also print out of the Museum of Printing and Flower City Book Arts Center producing traditional cards, posters, flyers and chap books, as well as printing on fabric for t-shirts, hangings and large-scale scrolls.
mitchelka Show Card Press

Equipment and Materials

  • Showcard poster press, 24" x 33"
  • Golding Pearl Number 14 floor platen press, 9"x14'
  • Golding Pearl Number 3 floor platen press, 8"x11"
  • Daughaday Model 2 tabletop platen press
  • Advance 16" paper cutter
  • Library of wood and metal type
  • Library of antique graphics
  • Hand cut linoleum block graphics and type​

Services Offered

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Posters
  • Keepsakes
  • Hand-set type
  • Polymer printing
  • Linoleum graphics and type

Letterpress Restoration, Sales and Shop Consulting

  • Presses bought, restored and sold - currently working on:
    • Golding Model 8
    • Golding Model 11
  • I also people set up letterpress shops, recommending suppliers and sources for presses and all letterpress printing paraphenelia. 
The newest shop press, a Golding Pearl Number 14, 9"x14"