Performance Art & Theater

I work in a variety of media, but loop them back together into performance art pieces for either solo or group performances. Frequently these performances incorporate my linocut monoprints on fabric in the form of banners, scrolls or dishtowels. Often self-invented musical instruments are part of the event. I have been called a "fiber performance artist" for my use of large printed canvas and fabrics in performance.

Most recently I and Vanessa Lefevre produced a multimedia theatrical production called Dhalgren Sunrise, based on the novel by Samuel R. Delany. Adapted and directed by Mitchel Ahern, the play was successful, getting positive review, great feedback and selling out the last night.

I am a member and on the steering committee for the Fort Point Theare Channel.
Select Performance and Theatrical Projects

​Partial List of Visual Art Exhibitions

  • He'll Print on Anything, Flower City Book Arts Center, Solo Show June, March 2017
  • Plan 9 From Outer Space, Atlantic Works Gallery (organized by Mitchel Ahern), April 2014
  • Double Your Fun, Members Exhibit, Gallery 119, July 2013
  • VizPO: Artworks in which we use Words, Atlantic Works Gallery, April 2013
  • The Song Remains the Same, group show at Atlantic Works Gallery (organized by Mitchel Ahern)
  • Welcome to Control, solo installation at Atlantic Works Gallery, November 2012
  • With a Little Help from Our Friends at Atlantic Works Gallery, East Boston MA, May 2012
  • Biennial Project at Bizarre Artist Happenings, Atlantic Works Gallery, July 2012
  • Patricia’s Quilt Show, August 2012
  • Biennial Project Whitney Biennial at Spattered Column Gallery, NYC March 2012
  • The Gallery at Chelsea City, 2012
  • Collective II at Galatea on Harrison Ave in Boston, MA, August 2011, Juried Show
  • Bogus, Lincoln Arts Project, Waltham MA, March 2012, Juried Show
  • 7th Annual Juried Show: Inside-Out, Gallery 119, December, 2011
  • All Works Guaranteed Stolen, concepted and exhibited group show at Atlantic Works Gallery, January 2011
  • KOANS, duo show at Atlantic Works Gallery with Eddie Holtorf, November, 2010
  • Collective at Galatea on Harrison Ave in Boston, MA, August 2010, Juried Show
  • Help From Our Friends Show at Atlantic Works Gallery, East Boston, July 2010
  • New Members’ Show at Atlantic Works Gallery, East Boston, February 2010
  • Biennial Project Show at Atlantic Works Gallery, East Boston, August 2009
  • Material is Language, Gallery 119, Lowell MA, December 2009, Juried Show
  • 4th Annual Juried Show: Anxiety Attack, Gallery 119, December 2008
  • Underground Map, Manchester, NH, November 2008, Solo Show
  • Outpost Gallery, Cambridge, September 2008, Solo Show
  • Ello Gallery, Political Art, Portsmouth NH, October 2008, Juried Show
  • Speak Out: Art, Design and Politics, 516 Gallery, Albuquerque NM, November 2008
  • DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park 2008 Annual Show
  • Marblehead Arts Association, Marblehead MA, October 2007